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Black Dog

Joined up so heres an introduction

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My name is Kevin, and I am jumping back intot he wide wide world of diesel ownership with a 6.9 86 F250...

N/A for now.. we will see what the future holds for it.

I know for sure that the future holds in store for this drivetrain to come out and get stuffed into what was formerly a Powerstroke 4x4 Dually, and then the bed comes off, a bronc shell goes on, and the frame gets bobbed... Hopefully they left behind the turbo's off the Powerstroke engine they replaced, when they pulled it out! :thumbup: (doubt it.....)

The first was my diesel when I drug it home, the second is what happened when I rationalized to myself that the radiator that needed changed would have more accessability if the fenders were off, and if I took the fenders off, why not update?

3 grueling days of shat not lining up right, holding an 11 month old while I wrench, cooking dinner and wrenching... you get the picture... I am 3 hours away from driving it... batteries, solenoid, bolt the hood up, wire the lights, and install the grille....



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Welcome, and drop a 12v ctd in it:thumbup:

One day... this drivetrain cost me less than $200 outta pocket, so will make smoke and no go for awhile...

Read about a 4bt EB that was running 450/700 ish numbers the other day.. that got me hapy, plus he is pulling 25+ mpg, bio, straight dino blood, or veggie oil....

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Other than the front clip and door swap, made my first mod tonight, pulled the stock 400 pound air cleaner off, and put my K&N on... Will get some pics tomorrow..Conical, 7" at the base of the filter, and 4" at the top, flat metal top.

Now for some scrap pipe, Stainless or Chrome exhaust would be the shit, PVC something, to lift it a little, a velocity stack if you will. Not sure if it will affect anything (lifting it 3 or 4") but... will make it look better, kinda has a lowrider look now.

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