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Guest 9812VCTD

Thanks to Rob and Jay

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Guest 9812VCTD

I'd just like to say thanks to Rob (BoiseRob) and Jay (JGK) for there help today!

I met Rob at his shop and he removed a vinyl sticker for me and done a great job! Thanks for taking the time to help me out, you've got a nice shop and did a great job and it was nice to meet you. Your D-Max looks 8-) .

I met Jay right after Rob finished up and we headed up to Lon's place to set my Timing. Jay did a really good job on my truck, he took his time and was very careful and it turned out great! Thanks to Lon for letting me use his place so Jay could do the timing. After we got done with the timing in my truck Jay gave me a ride in his truck............:thumbup:

Thanks again to these great members who helped me out I really appreciated it!!


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It was my pleasure to help. It was also nice to finally meet you. It really helps to put a face to a name. Well for everyone but Randy. LOL

Take care and we'll see ya next time you're over this way... :thumbup:


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