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Brake Light switch

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I really need to get a new switch, when it gets cold the brake lights come on by them selves during the night. It hasn't ran my battery down yet but i'm sure it will one of these days. I been using a bungee from the brake pedal to the steering wheel. Is there a adjustment on the switch??


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Guest Mopar1973Man

Steve I found what your looking for but your not going to be happy... :(

CAUTION: The switch can only be adjusted during

initial installation. If the switch is not adjusted properly

a new switch must be installed.


(1) Connect harness wires to new switch.

(2) Press and hold brake pedal down.

(3) Install switch. Align tabs on switch with

notches in switch bracket (Fig. 3). Then insert switch

in bracket and turn it clockwise approximately 30

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I adjusted mine before. If it's like my truck, you can pull on the plunger that connects to the switch and it will extend it out.

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