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Boy do I feel Stupid!!

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I got in my truck this morning and noticed the smell of anti freeze, bummer. And since I had replaced my waterpump last week I figured I had a leak somewhere, a reasonable deduction. So I start looking around and I can't find a leak anywhere, crawling underneath over the top, I can sure smell it, it's got to be here somewhere :-x . Hoses, clamps, heatercore, nothing is leaking and nothing is standing out. So I'm standing in front of my truck, hood open taking a breather when I put my hands in my sweater pocket, what's this piece of paper? It's my reciept for the water pump. Oh for crying out loud this is the same sweater I had on when I changed the pump, crawled around under the truck into some of the spilt anti freeze, DOHH!!

Well at least I can come to the meeting tonight!! :oops:

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Guest 9812VCTD

You just had a Brainfart........LoL...:lol: Like Corey said I actually would of found anti-freeze.


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I had a 91 toyota v6 4x4 and it needed new valve cover gaskets. Well at the same time might as well put in some new timing chains (twin cam). So i had my father in law do it at his shop. My wife and i were still dating and she brought it to me the night it was fixed. I looked around ok seems good, wait there is a leak under it!! Ok she took it back to him, they checked it out changed the gaskets again. She brought it back to me that night. I looked around and looked good-- wait another leak:-x . She took it back to him and they searched the leak out. In the extended cab models under the jump seat is a storage hole, well i had a spare bottle of oil in there that had a hole rubbed in it and it was slowly leaking through a body plug and running along the bottom of the cab and dripping down on the tranny, then on the ground. But it looked like the back side of the head gasket/ valve cover gasket was leaking...... ooops. :roll: :roll: my bad.

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