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about the only way to get the collar off is to pull it from the pump. You might try breaking it off with a vice grip while still installed but i doubt it will work. If you want just a little increase in fuel just turn it in until the collar stops it.

Do you have gauges?

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If you back the fuel screw all the way out it will come out of the pump easily and you wont hurt a thing. You dont need to pull the pump just screw the screw out.

Then its real easy to work on the screw. After the collar is off youll have to run a die over the threads to clean them up from where the collar was so it will screw in without damaging the threads in the pump.

Then just screw it back in.

Just be sure not to loose or damage the little o-ring thats on the screw itself.

It may be easier to just get a new fuel screw from your local pump shop.

Last one I bought was only 12-13 bucks but they had to order it in.

New ones dont have a collar on them. Also if yours only has a spot for a screwdriver the newer ones let you use a screwdriver or a 1/4" wrench to turn them.

I had to buy a new one after I ruined the old one trying to add material so it would go in a little further. lol

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thanks guys i tried the vice grips that didn't work so good lol that was my first thought lol but i will be at the meeting hopefully and by then i should have it lol

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