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Just ordered these for the Benz

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The list is as follows:

  1. Valve adjustment
  2. Timing check
  3. Make sure the turbo is providing 10 PSI (factory spec)
  4. Figure out a way to build an oil/air separator becaus the factory one is oiling down my air filter.

After that this list follows:

  1. Advance timing
  2. Remove the one rack travel limiter
  3. Adjust my torque control.
  4. Increase the boost

Last dyno the benz put down 71 HP. :-( I found AFTER I dynoed it I did not have full travel so I adjust my linkages and picked up almost a 1/4" of travel. If I get this dude to factory spec it should be could for almost 95WHP.

The BOMB's listed about should get me close to 110WHP. Beyond that I need new plunger elements, DV's, and new injector tips.

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The timing advance should get me some..... extra fuel in the cylinders would come at the asking of my right foot... so if I am using the ~110WHP I will get WORSE mileage :lol:

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