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Good stuff 1 day after my 18th b-day. I might have to come down to American Falls. Who else is rollin out there?

:lol: 2 days after my 27th.

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Ill be there for sure, (got to make up for last year), i think the dirt drags are the shiit, i plan on pulling this year also.

Nate, what happened??? i got hosed too (at the dyno and the drags) but im willing to give them another chance to get it right.

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I didn't compete, just went to watch.

I looked on the webpage and it said there was a car show at 2pm, and the racing would start at 4 (time may not be correct, but you get the idea).

My friend Nick and his wife and me all went. We got there around 2pm to check out the car show.

To begin with how to get there was not clear at all. It took us a while of guessing and following a bunch of other lost people to find it :lol: A few simple signs would have been helpfull.

There was 2 or 3 cars behind the stands, that was the "show" :shock::lol:

Well I went out to the stands with a cooler of water and we sat around for a while. Decided to go back up the parking lot to get something to eat since we were pretty early.

Eat at the truck in the lot and we go back.

Well a big dude yells at us at we are walking into the gate (still wide open but still no-one taking $$ or anything.

We can't bring a cooler in... though the several groups that just came in before did the same. HUGE Attitude like I was trying to steal one of his kids or something. Nick's wife was really upset over the whole thing because he was being a 100% asshole about it.

Ok, back to truck to bring the cooler.

Get back and he won't let us in. The $$ girls are late, but we are held for a good 15-20 mins at the gate until they come.

They show up, but they forgot the stamps/wrist straps... so they tell use we can come in, but won't be able to leave.

We got up to the stands and waited a good 3hrs. The start of the thing was WAY late from the webpage times.

Nick's wife needed to go out to the truck to get some meds. Well huge deal over her coming back in. She had to call on the cell and Nick had to go down to explain that we paid. She was close to being in tears actually.

The whole thing was like a monkey trying to screw a football.

Lack of prep/organization for sure!

Not one big issue, but between this and they the stunt they pulled at the Dyno, no way I'd give them my business.

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The event was ok, but whoever thought the monster truck would be a good idea on the TRACK, WTH?!

I went there to watch sled pulling and drag racing, not a monster truck doing laps! Doing during the intermission would have been fine, but seems that 1/2 the time the competitors were waiting on that thing to get parked out of the way.

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Nate, was it the big guy with no hair?? yeah, he was a total DICK, was yelling at people all day. the last race for me was supposed to be a "bye" run and i argued with him twice as i was pulling up to the line and was told if i make a by run i will be DQ'ed, i was the only guy out of 60 trucks that didnt get one in the end.

as far as the dyno, there were alot of "favors" going on with more than the 2 runs its supposed to be. orange truck got 5 pulls and the PDI truck got 4. WTF is with that???? i asked for 1 extra and was told i was done, get off the dyno.

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Ya that fat bald sob.:twisted: We got into it also.. Also had to chase em down in the parking lot for my money and plaque. There computer messed up the dyno winners for the Fords.

What happened at the dyno Nate? The extra runs?

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