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Ideas for New Tech Articles!!

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I have been tossing these ideas around for a while now.... I would like to see us band together and do some spectacular articles. Ones that would make all the other diesel sites envious. Here are a few ideas to get your 'creative juices' flowing:

1. How much air flow do you need? I have only found a couple of interesting 'tests' of how well a small gathering of air filters do at filtering out dirt. I have to wonder if our engines get enough air. I'm willing to bank on the fact that they would all benefit from MORE!! No where can I find a spec stating basic cfm requirements. Along with that goes the idea of how clean you can get your air. I run a BHAF because it seems to me it stops the most dirt out of the 'popular' filters. What about going to an even bigger BHAF?

If you all aren't familiar with Arlen Spicer's air filter test.... poke here: http://www.duramax-diesel.com/spicer/index.htm

(Just a small snipit from the article: Compared to the AC, the K&N “plugged up” nearly 3 times faster, passed 18 times more dirt and captured 37% less dirt. See the data tables for a complete summary of these comparisons.)

I may be going out there to Rhode Island this fall. What if we could get another 'test' together like this one that goes even farther (New styles of filters / media and a larger selection)? I'd be willing to go there and do it if everyone could help out with it. It would be a very large undertaking; but, we could do it!

2. Another item I have to wonder about is oil filters. Ever seen this 'study': http://www.knizefamily.net/minimopar/oilfilters/index.html

It is interesting to say the least. What about our own type of testing centered on our diesel oil filters and engines requirements? What about making it a little more scientific or laboratory accurate? What is the real requirements of our engines? What are the real world specs of the filters we now have. Based on the above study I have used AC Delco and Motorcraft filters for quite a while now. Reading his updates, have AC Delco's of late, gone the way the Fram filters did years ago? Makes me wonder if the AC Delco's I have setting on the self are 'old enough'...

3. Fuel is another area that needs better filtering as well. Here's a scarry article if you haven't read it: http://www.heavydutytrucking.com/2003/10/078a0310.asp

There are alot more just like this one from Caterpillar, Chevron, and SWRI; just to name a few!

I would recommend to each and every one of you, my friends and fellow diesel owners; get a good 2 micron fuel filter on your rigs!

That brings me to my last point (Just for this post, mind you.....). I have a few articles ready for publishing. I have pics for them on picasa here: http://picasaweb.google.com/millcosctd

Of course the articles I have are for a 3rd gen Dodge; but, some of them would benefit others as well. Should we have a larger tech article area? Don't we have some storage to use up? LOL.....

What say you? All I have to do is to post these few articles I have done already. We can of course start on any of the above suggestions if you all want. I would like to see some of these done as they would be good for the whole community!

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Oh, my.... what have I done now?

Actually, I was thinking about applying for the new editor position in the latest edition of Diesel Power mag. It all sounds too good to be true (As long as it pays well enough to support playing with my diesel!). All the way down to the small part, a little mention about 'the opportunity to live in L.A.'

NO THANKS! Maybe I should ask if they have heard of 'tele-commuting'.... In this day and age, there is no reason to have to come into the office!

Anyway, Tom, what about a 'Tech Article Section' where members can post their article(s)? It might have to have the same break down into make and sections that we now have for the board to help keep it all organized. I would be willing to help mod it at least at first. I would have to yell for help if it got too big for me to handle....

I like the idea of the writer posting up his / her article. That way they can see it and make changes or additions to it. It might even be nice to get others input on it as well. After a while, after it is all finished, maybe one of us in admin might want to move it into a tech article section where only the writers post show or only the pertinent posts show and is closed to further posts.

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I now have some oil filters to disect: thanks to Muddy and Harold! Way to go guys! Now I will just have to get busy on cutting them open and seeing what they have to offer us (Or not! Seeing there is a Fram and what not in the bunch!). This should prove to be fun as well as informative! I think we will like! Along those lines: let's get the word out to all that I want filters to disect. They can be used, so don't worry about having to get me new ones. I will get to work on this and post up the ones I have. Then we can all be on the look out for others! If the 'used' ones don't give us enough details, we can worry about getting ahold of new ones to cut open.

Now, do we want to try to do an 'official' air filter test similar to the one I linked to above? I would be willing to try to get it together. It would be a lot of work and pretty expensive; but, if we all shared it - it shouldn't be too bad. I still am trying to go out East even though fuel is headed through the roof, so we should be able to pull this one off (One test facility I know of is in Rhode Island). I'm willing to do as much of this as possible if everyone will be able to help me out. What I would be looking for is to get ahold of everyone's favorite air filter. For the testing it would have to be a new, unopened air filter. Plus we will have to decide which one to use. It would make for a lot easier to understand test if it was all on the same filter.

What say you all?

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