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Hi all - self intro

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Hi everyone,

Our family (of 5) has been looking for a pickup for quite a while. We live near Walla Walla, WA. I set out to find a very specific truck:

* Used, but still in decent mechanical shape.

* Dodge Ram 2500 (3/4 ton)

* Cummins turbo diesel

* 4x4

* Manual transmission

* Quad/Extended or Crew cab

* Working cruise control + A/C

* Tow package

* Something I could afford.

I was watching nearly a dozen sites and RSS feeds for online ads. Finally found a cosmetically damaged 2000 model with 170k miles on it for sale down in Utah. I had my friend check it out and then purchase it for me. Last week I drove it from Salt Lake City, Utah to our home in Walla Walla, WA.

On the way back, I stopped by Caldwell, ID to see my friend Paul. While I was showing off my new purchase to him, Muddy came up and introduced himself. He then told me about this forum and gave me several tips about my new truck.

So, here I am... now ready to listen and learn about diesels. This is our first diesel vehicle.

Here's a pic of our family: http://ashclan.org/node/79



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glad to see ya on the site :thumbup:

hope ya can make it back down for a bomb event.

Power Wagon is in your area. look him up for info. vaughn mackenzie [went to college w/ paul] is not too far. and severeal other itd'ers too.

lot of info, fun, and good times in the group. we also usually meet once a yr in summer at mnt emily where the bombers from your area and sw idaho meet for a camptrip :cheer:

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So you met Muddy in person and you still came back for more, Holly Cow your a brave one. Glad to see ya though, jump in with both feet there's a lot to learn that will make your truck both more fun and cheaper to keep up.

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