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Ok not quite sure where to put this so Im just gonnaq put it here.

I have a friend that lives in SLC that Im helping with his K5 blazer conversion.

The thing is although he's a master machinist and owns his own hi tech machine shop he's never been a "car guy"

Anyway he now has the bug. lol

We got to talking about all the cool stuff he saw in a couple of magazines and said how easy it would be for him to make most of it himself instead of buying it.

The more we talked and thought about it we decided to post this question up.

If you had unlimited access to a good fully equipped machine shop what would you build for your truck ????

I mentioned the normal valve cover dress up plate w/ custom logos and right now hes building up a couple ( Both of which will say Chevrolet Cummins , 1 for each of us )

He is also gonna cut a couple of new intake plates with dual openings ( like a twinram) that I can build my new intake from.

Anyway, if the price was Real reasonable what would you guys like to have made.

He told me a to find a few different items he could do in his spare time for people we know etc...

As long as its not too complicated this stuff can be made for material cost + beer.

Lets see if we can narrow down the list and get some cool stuff built for cheap.

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Billet Rods would've been nice (would have saved me a ton of $), a custom head about 2" taller, drive shaft hoops, a full cage,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you asked:lol:

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