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I am looking at installing twin turbos on my dodge. I dont have the funds to just but a twin kit, so I am looking to see if anyone on here has installed twins with parts basically laying around. Any pics?? Also, would two stock first gen. turbos work, or do I need to get a bigger one and a smaller one? All help with this project is greatly appreciated.

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Two turbo's the same size wouldn't do anything for you. You need the stock turbo or something close to it for the quick spool up and then the larger turbo to take over when you hit over a certain point that will keep the EGT's lower on the long runs.

This isn't a simple project to put together though. Actually it's a pretty advanced piece of mechanics to build your own. Not long ago Rip, a sponsor here had some of the plumbing needed for this on sale so you may check with him.

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i was going to put a set of twins on my 92 but sold it, now ive got almost everything to install but lost interest.

if you have some welding skills and a ht3b or comparable turbo you could do it your self with little money. you would need enough fuel ie pump work and injectors to light the bottom turbo.

here is a link to swanks do it yourself project. http://www.daveschenker.com/Site/the%20truck.html

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