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Uncle Bubba

Boost Fooler Adjustable Elbow ?

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I got a new adjustable elbow for the boost fooler portion of the Comp now I'm tryin to figure out the easiest way to get it set right. Seems like a long drawn out affair to set it by driving it and havin to stop and adjust it every time until you finally get it right.

I'm ponderin the idea of just usin my boost pressure leak detector gadget to set it but want to make sure it will work. Can I just set the air compressor to say 35 psi and pessurize the system then back the set screw out until it flows air. 35 psi is what I'm wanting the gate to open at. or am I way off base here.

The next question is, do I need to worry about this scew coming lose over time or or do they stay put pretty well one they are set.


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All I did was install mine and never touched it. :lol:

Could put a dab of RTV over the top of the setscrew to hold it in. We have to do that to alot of stuff at work actually.

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Yup, you need a J hook for your HY35

I was wondering if there is something like this for my truck? I was reading about boost fooler and elbows. Is it worth using it on my truck?

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