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Very intersting thread on EFI Live's forum

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Oh well. I guess I went to Autozone and they "cleared" my codes. That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Hell yeah.. I have never had any issues yet... Thats my story too...

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Actually it sounds like even the LBZ guys are screwed. Read what Ross posted about the LBZ in his second post:

What can been seen on the TechII is the CVN number of each 'different' segment. The CVN changes whenever you change something in the calibration, there is no way around that.

Then what GM do is go somewhere like this site -


Lookup the factory CVN for your truck, if one of them is not matched to the numbers on that site they know you put a non factory tune in it.

I found what my CVN is supposed to be, but I haven't checked to see what it actually is yet.

That's not to say they would check, just that they could.

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I don't know. I haven't tried it yet. I don't even know for sure where to find the CVN.

I'll test it tonight and let everyone know. My CVN is supposed to be 6712841C, so, if that's now what it is (assuming I can find where it is located) when I flash my stock tune back, some folks may be in for a surprise when they try to get warranty work done.

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Well, I looked into it last night, and I didn't see anywhere where it shows you your CVN. I guess it's something you have to check with a Tech II. I may have to ask Ross if the CVN goes back when you flash the stock tune back in.

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