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A Special Thanks to Rob @ ATP

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Thanks for taking the time to school us on the biulding of a Allison Trans. I feel pretty confident that i could biuld one on my own with maybe only the ocasional phone call...LOL I appreciate you taking the time to tell us why we are doing the modifications and what it does.

Also a big thanks to Steve Sr for letting us have the event at his shop. I think everyone now has a better understanding of why Allison is the "KING OF THE HILL " when it comes to pickup trannys.

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I was just glad to make it home. I honestly don't remember most of the trip back. Got home around 0200. I had been up since 0430 the day before, so it was a LONG day! Put around 300 miles on my truck yesterday since I dropped Josh's truck off and spent most of the day in Boise running errands.... then I went back up to help out/watch.

Oh, don't listen to the stupid GPS if you ever go to Homedale. That thing sent us into a trailer park, then it had me going all over the place after as well.

I had a good idea where to go, but I followed the stupid thing and it got me lost pretty much :lol:

The Allison is a fairly easy trans to build from what I saw. It's very straight forward, doesn't even have bands in it. Also the ATSG book is very good. Take a look at that same book for a Dodge trans and it was written back in the 70s and just updated for the new trans... so it's got a 30 yr spread of transmissions all mixed together

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Thanks Rob, Steve Sr., Steve Jr. as well as Josh for trusting us with your rig.. The day flew by and it was great to see the guts of the Allison...


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