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wich clutch should i use

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i have muddys old truck it is a cummins and 388 hp and 886 ft pounds of torque.

i am also putting 2.5 ton rockwell axles under it with 52 inch tires if anyone has any ideas to what kind of clutch and where to get it,swank told me once but i can not remember.thanks guys

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It all depends on what you are doing with the truck. If you are planning on going bigger, then i would recommend a full feramic clutch. it is rated at 500HP in the standard duty form and 550HP in the Heavy Duty form from ValAir Inc. South Bend does offer a good product, and has great customer service. But in my opinion(biased as it may be) they are over priced for what you get. A true 3850 Pressure plate is going to be a lot to handle for most on daily driving and goin to be grabby as well. A 3400 or even 3600 pressure plate will be plenty for your application. And also i would look into a Kevlar/Ceramic clutch as well as a full ceramic clutch. couple different options to look into and gives u plenty of leeway with horsepower and torque ratings. I would strongly suggest skipping a standard duty hub(ValAir offers that and South Bend ONLY offers a SD) and go with a heavy duty hub. You will snap an input shaft before you will break the hub on a heavy duty clutch. You can also look into a dual disc clutch as well. There are many varieties of them as well. ValAir offers anywhere from Organic/Organic to full ceramic, ValAir does also offer a full iron clutch but it is strictly suggested to only use it for competitions and not for street use. There is alot of research to do when looking for a clutch and plenty of options to look into as well.


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ok,,,,,,lez get technical. was levi barkers old truck then my old truck then brians old truck then my old truck then teds truck :D

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