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cam specs

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No it is not :cry: You need cam specs to degree the cam to the proper relationship to the crank. If you buy a aftermarket cam you will get a cam card with specs as to lift and duration also where the cam starts to open the valves in relation to the crank. Have you ever wonder why you can take two cars identical off the showroom floor and one has power and fuel milage and the other one runs like a dog :shock: well cam timing :smart: Whenever installing a cam I add 2% for chain strech. My personal exp. I built a motor and dialed in the cam, at 1500 mi the dist. shaft froze up and broke a tooth off the cam drive. I brought the exact same cam from same suppler and installed it with same gear set. Thinking that I already dialed it in I should be fine. :D decided to check it anyway and found it to be 6% out. :roll: That's why I like to check cam specs to actual timing which only requires pulling # one injector or sparkplug and valve cover. :thumbup:

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