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down pipe questions

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I have a 94' 12valve that is missing the elbow casting. Can I order a hx-40 or similiar downpipe and just bolt it to the flange? I haven't been able to find an elbow casting to replace the one that is missing. HELP

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Guest 9812VCTD

You have a couple options, you can find another cast elbow to make it work or you can do what I did. I have Kevin get me an adapter from Piers that adapts the HX-35 to HX-40 flange basiclly 3" to 4" and I got the HX-40 style downpipe so when I get ready for a bigger turbo I'll be ready to go. I've got the cast elbow and 4" downpipe if your intersted and will probably have the adapter for sell soon also.

I hope this info helps here's a few pics.

Piers adapter:


HX-40 Downpipe:



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