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hows the gumint gonna screw with us?????????

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emmisions testing in canyon co.

wth. sucks. and these roadside emmisions spy devices .

''"Basically it sits on the side of the road in heavy traffic areas and picks up what is being emitted by individual cars, takes a picture of the license plate and sends a notice to them, hey there might be a problem with your vehicle," said Rick Stott of the Treasure Valley Air Quality Council.''

well guys,,,,,may be somethin wrong with our vehicles. :lol:

bet the sniffer is near the ground. advantage to stacks :thumbup::coal

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I've known people that have used the spray. We had photo radar down in CA. The spray doesn't work, but a piece of clear polarized plastic does.

Those cameras all have a polarized lens to cut the glare down. Have the polarized plastic where the polarization runs at a 45* angle and it screws with their polarized lenses as they are usually set horizontal. To the naked eye it looks just like a clear piece of plastic. Problems will arise if a cop is wearing polarized sunglasses as it will turn the plate black to them.

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