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Rich people crack me up

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I had been looking for an entertainment center for a while, and one came up on Craig's List for free.

I called them, and they held it for me till today.

I went out to pick it up with the help of a friend. It was out in Star. So we pull into this ritzy neighborhood, kinda looks like where Tom lives, but the houses aren't super close together. Easily $300,000 homes for sure.

I got the entertainment center. It's oak, mostly nice oak plywood and some oak boards and moldings. A little beat up here and there, but it's not bad at all. FAR from ugly and it's very solid. I try not to get fancy stuff anyhow since the movers are terrible about destroying stuff it seems.

She was almost histairicle that I brought my car trailer to pick it up. On the phone she told me it was pretty heavy, and I think she had in mind that I felt the truck wouldn't hold that much weight or something. Only reason I brought the trailer cause it's nice and low and the truck bed was too small to lay it down.

The lady was treating it like it was trash. She was very happy to get rid of the "eyesore" and she even told me I could probably just chop it up and burn it, since it wasn't too much of anything.

I bet she would have freaked to see my old one. It was a real old Walmart/K Mart unit that had a fish tank on it at one point. Fish tank leaked all over, so particle wood was falling apart. My TV was too big for it, so I sawzalled the opening bigger.

Just makes me laugh

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