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2095 Rack Plug Installation

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2095 Rack Plug Installation

Remove the intake horn - 10mm bolts and 7/16in intercooler clamp

Remove aneroid - 1/2in AFC line and 8mm bolts

Loosen 4 main pump mounting bolts - 15mm

Remove lower support bracket bolt by OPS - 10mm

Remove oil fill neck - 8mm clamp and 16mm bolt

Remove injection pump nut and washer and pull gear from taper

Slide the pump rearward, this allows access to the rack plug - 1 1/16in

Remove rack plug and sealing washer, lightly sand both sides of sealing washer

Install new rack plug with original sealing washer - 1 1/16in

Check for full rack travel and reassemble

A couple of things to note - this mod will not compliment rack travel if the AFC lever and fuel plate have not been modified - stacking sealing washers is a possibility - you will need to retime the pump after reassembly - grinding the timing cover would also be an option but I like to avoid collateral damage.

If injection pump is fully removed, torque rack plug to 45ft/lbs. The Bosch PN# 1413462095.

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