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GSK Clarification

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It has come to my attention lately that some people are have issues with GSK kits due to lack of instruction. I am in need of writing a tech-article on this subject but I will lend some info for current use.

Here is a picture of the complete shim assembly out of an 887 pump, ALL shims need to be removed, the larger shims under the idle spring may need to be removed with a pick since persuasion with a magnet doesn't always work. Different models of the P7100 use different combinations of these shims, the most problemsome seem to be the four larger diameter shims that reside under the idle spring at the base of the governor assembly.


These are the springs used for the 4K GSK minus the seats.


These are the springs used for the 3K GSK minus the seats.


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Measuring stud protrusion is not needed for this installation. For best results use the settings listed for your particular injection pump model. Initiation is the first point where the lock resides and cannot be backed off without pressure, it is also known as a "soft click". When the installation is complete the locks should face the same direction on both sets of governor springs.

160hp(838) - Initiation + 4 clicks

175hp(841) - Initiation + 4 clicks

180hp(885) - Initiation + 3 clicks

215hp(887) - Initiation + 3 clicks

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