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How to Turn up the fuel on a 6.2 and 6.5L..Read

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Another method....

This is the easiest method and least prone to screwing up your pump by taking the top cover off. Don't take the top cover off.

Turn up the fuel by taking off the small cover on the drivers side of the injection pump. It is very small, and has 2 - ¼” head screws holding it on. You will need to remove the throttle cable and bracket to see the cover. Once this cover is off, a little bit of fuel will spill into the engine valley. What you are looking for is a small 5/32" allen screw under this cover that appears through a small access hole. The screw rotates as the engine rotates so you will need to have a large ratchet or breaker bar on the crank pulley nut to rotate the engine while you look for the screw to appear in the access hole. You will need a small flashlight and mirror to see this screw. It helps to have a buddy turn the crank while you watch for the screw. It does help to remove the throttle cable bracket and detach the throttle cable from the injection pump. You may also have to move the throttle linkage to get to the access cover and fuel screw.

Once the screw is in sight use a good quality 5/32" allen wrench to turn it. To increase fueling, turn the screw clockwise 1/4 of a turn clockwise. Once the screw has been turned put it all back together and go blow some smoke.

Might be wise to make sure the breaker bar is off the crank too, otherwise it might give new meaning to "hand cranked".


Professional trade secret

Actually, if your good enough, you can pull the cover off the front of the engine to gain access to the pump drive bolts. Turn the engine till the pump drive pin is at the ten O'clock position. The allen bolt should then be aligned in the window. Only a "Pro" would know that.

(Caution: . Professional trade secret. Should only be attempted by professional experienced technicians. All others do it the hard way)


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Engine is sitting on a pallet in my shed still. :lol: I walk by it and go vroom vroom sometimes... or clack clack clack clack clack like them things do haha.

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