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Fun in Maine

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I meant to take some pictures today, but I forgot the camera.

Went out on a short snowmobile ride. Me and my brother. About 2.5hrs or so. Put down close to 100miles... rolled the odometer on my Dad's older sled (92) since the thing goes to 9999 and that's it.

He bought an 02 last year, nice sled. 600cc. I'm not sure what it can get up to, but I had it up to 60 without much effort.

Might go out tomorrow, dunno for sure. Have to do some work on my Dad's tractor I think and my brother wanted to work on his truck (2500HD)

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Well did some more riding, forgot to take pics :-x

Been snowing alot here. Got about 6" a couple days ago and another 7" last night. Close to 2 feet since I have been here... Close to 70" has fallen this year. Usually it's close to 10-12 feet for the winter though.

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Yup, I think I mentioned before that French was my first language?

Canada is just across the river. There is a train bridge just down from my parent's and we would walk across it when we were kids. It's probably gated off and everything now since 9/11 though.


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