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Ive had one for about a month now. It really woke up this engine but it smokes alot. Could be just how I drive though, pretty conservatively. I have heard that it smokes more with the six speeds than the auto's. I bought mine to tow with but will probably not get a chance to untill spring time.

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which setting are you on?

I,m running it on the tow setting right now, it seems to smoke less than on the economy or performance setting and plenty of power for these slick roads.

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Well my 1st impression.. I LIKE IT

I have the SW #1 (40hp) loaded.. I am not really sure how they can call it fuel economy when its SOO much fun... thou I will say in 40 miles, with 6-7 WOT bursts and many 3/4 pulls I went from 16.7 on the OH to 16.9...

What I have noticed,

EGT: around 1600-2000 rpm EGT's are very similar.. below 1600 and above they are noticeably lower.

Boost: Under normal driving boost is lower. I used to accelerate around town and hold 10psi, that was moderate acceleration, now 10psi is moving out. To get the same acceleration as before I am less than 5 psi... so staying out of boost is much easier, but on the same token you can pull boost easier as well.. I have seen about 34 but there isn't enough load on the truck to really see... either I redline in 5th or get going much much too fast in 6th. And in the lower gears by the time your foot is on the floor your having to shift.

Cruising at 70 boost is about 3-4 psi less, and EGT's are about 75 less. I have yet to see more than 1000 on the pyro.. but like I said too much power to hold a gear long enough to place a load, and its 28* outside.

At power changes there is a small puff of black smoke, and in low boost there is a haze, but nothing serious and once the boost rolls in it goes away. I do hear a TINY amount of timing rattle, just makes it sound more like a diesel, and a HO VP44 truck idled by me tonight and its still MUCH quieter.

So all in all I am very happy, only 40 miles so far thou... I do pick up my new RV tomorrow so maybe I can put a load on it and see where boost and EGTs will get.

I was on the fence with this mod until xmas.. and only did it because I wanted lower EGT's for the new trailer... but WOW its a very worth while mod. You can tell it makes more power by the lack of effort required to get moving, and remember SW #1 is timing only.. so there is no more fuel just a more powerful burn.

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a simple, quality mod... and lower EGT's

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