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Welcome to our new quiet members

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I just wanted to take the time to welcome all the new members that have recently signed up, but haven't posted. Please feel free to post and have fun, even if it isn't diesel related.

We are a little different than most diesel sites as most of us will be around each other at one time or another. The national sites are great and I still frequent them, but this one is a closer knit group. Yeah it says Idaho Turbo Diesels, but we have members in several of our bordering states. We even have some guys that are further out(in more ways than one).:twisted:

So, thanks for joining. Jump on in and have a good time. Don't be afraid to ask a "dumb question", because nobody here will treat you as dumb for having asked.

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welcome to everyone :cheer:

looking fwd to visiting with you all on the forum.

and those within driving distance hope to see ya at an event.


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Guest BigBully

Welcome oh quiet ones. We are an energized, fun-loving, laid-back group here. We enjoy everyones company and new members. Thanks for joining and hope to meet you sometime in the future!:thumbup:

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