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TransGo Jr+Trans fluid+ relearn

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I bought a Trans Go jr. for the truck about 4-5 months ago. I was going to just do it myself but I haven't got around to it (not to mention I'm not too sure about it) but I think its time and I have a few questions.

1. Which kind of trans fluid should I put in it and how much (aprox.) ?

2. I know that after this kit is installed the trany is supposed to be put into the "quick learn" mode. How would I go about doing this? Could I just drop by a trans shop and ask them to reset it for me? Is there a member that has the stuff to do it and would want to help me out?

3. Say I was to install it and wouldn't be able to reset it for a day or two. If I drove it around for a couple days (no racing or pulling) would it be ok, bad, or what?


Any thought or ideas welcome.


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Relearn is a bit shakey at best on the 6 speeds even with a tech2 at the dealer. Not many tranny shops will even know what your talking about.

I'd do the install and take it out for a spin. Go easy on it with stock tuning for a couple days than add tuniing and drive for a bit. You should be fine. I've done a few full tranny builds and not reset taps and the tranny shifted great.

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