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Isspro Pyro not working after install?

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Your grid heater will cycle until the air temps inside the motor block reach a certain temp. This is the reson for the fluctuations you are seeing until the truck warms up. It will also do it if your idling and the truck starts to cool down to much.

As far as the guage. The simplest thing this might be is the two wires that connect to the back of the guage. It's easy to mix them up and get em on the wrong post and this will cause the guage to read in reverse, so to speak. Since the needle can't move backwards it just sits there. I would check this first and work from there.

This must be an older guage cause I was told that all the Isspro guages converted a few years back to getting rid of the transistor brain box. The few I have worked with since then have all come in with just the wires and no box on them.

In the other thread it also referanced the wire length and connection being changed. Any change in these items will make the guage not read accurately. They are very sensitive and preset for exactly what they are supposed to be. The instructions that come with the guages say this in pretty plain English.

Good Luck.

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