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Guest Mopar1973Man

I'm posting this because of the strange things I see when I called out on a fire call.

1. For all of you that burn wood for heat. CHECK your chimney at least once a month! That means putting a brush down it and check the steel pipe to be sure its in good condition.On this call the wood stove and pipe was way to close to wood panel wall. Then what cause the fire was the pipe came loose from the roof jack and started the attic on fire... Yes the fire was put out and the build was saved with minor damage.

2. Even though its winter time and some areas don't have snow does mean the fire danger is over. A resident was burn pine needles and left the fire unattended. The wind picked up and blew the hot embers across the yard into some other debris and started a tree on fire.

Remember to watch your fires don't leave them... Anything can happen while your gone. If you got to leave... Put you fire out! Dead Out!

Believe it or not I got both of these call back to back... I was gone for just about half the day with both calls!

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