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Guest Mopar1973Man

For all you newbies to the group! I hiughly suggest you guys get a set of gauges to protect your investment! The 2nd Gen fuel system is weak at best and has it problems...

I suggest you get Fuel Pressure (0-30 PSI), Boost (0-35 PSI) and Pyro...

You need these BEFORE any power enhancements are made! PERIOD!

Here is my little write up on this topic...


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yep,,,,,,,i consider a pyro so important,,,,i have 2 of em on my 97. front 3 and back 3. if i had a 3rd gen id have 6 pyros.

on the 2nd gen 24v the lift pump is a problem. when it goes it can take out the inj pump. this is practically the only weakness on the whole rig. with a fuel prssre guage at least this can be monitored and replaced b4 any damge occurs

on the boost go a 60 lb. also will work with a guage save T to check exhaust brake backpressure or if ya upgrade turbos [plural turbos]

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Yes I had an intank pump put in my truck @45,000 miles in Sep 07 by a dealer, and a few months ago @ 62,000 miles after installing gauges found out that I was only running 6.5 psi. Installed a FASS and am now running 16.5 psi. And I am not starving the Injector pump...


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