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Fuel pin/cone

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In talking to Swank at the recent dyno event, he pointed out that my fuel pin was ground the wrong way concaved instead of convexed, well today i finally had a little time on my hands to remedy the problem. removed the pin and had to add some weld since there was no more material left to grind. so i basically filled one side of the cone completely and started grinding a convexed ramp on the cone, i made the deepest part of the cone as deep as possible and also made it high on the pin/cone chamfered the edges and polished it . woww amazing what that did. actually was a bit to much fuel, when i first stomped it, it took a second and then sreamed poured out some coal and died. stopped tried to start it and fired right up. tried once more and the same thing happened. adjusted the star wheel up a couple of turns and tried again, still had the seat of the pants and no stall, im thinking it was putting out the fire and that giving it a little more pin resistance didnt allow the the fuel pin to dive so quick. now i need to get some more air to go with that fuel. Ok Muddy nows a good time to go for ride before i break something. :lol:

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ez on it till i get ther next week bro :thumbup:

dang,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,call ground it wrong?????????????? ran purty good i thought.

yep,,,,,,,,,,,,dyin for a ride now

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