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Idaho Turbo Diesels, sponsership of Homedale Derby

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Our fellow idaho turbo diesels member Rocky is participating and building 7 derby cars for the next event in homedale. (go to the homedale chamber of commerce website to purchase tickets.)


i have a car here to supply to rocky for a derby car. dont worry, it is not an imperial. they should have their asses whipped and lcacn as well for using an imperial for such a task.


the kings of crash are coming to town. a well finacnced organization here thinking they are gonna whip our local guys asses. NFW!  let send them battered and bruised back to kalifornia.


rocky needs sponsors. if we donate 250 from idaho turbo diesels we get out name in big bold letters on the trunk deck of his derby car. in addition the one from my back field will also have idaho turbo diesels shown as sponser.


shall we participate in this derby by helping rocky and his team of 7, and lcacn who is a great member as well kick some rich bastard kalifornia ass?


to donate we will address the check to rocky and place idaho turbo diesels derby sponsership in the ''what for' line.


thanks guys!


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