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idaho turbo diesels february dinner meet, wed feb 21'st

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wed feb 21'st, this coming wednesday.


same place


same time.


6.30 alejandras :cheer:


for this coming weekend check out the bomb fire threads as well.




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the weekend BOMB fire event was a great success. 11 in attendance. good food. and indeed a good time with friends.


was the mother of all idaho turbo diesels BOMB fires.


working to plan another event at the meeting.


meeting tomorrow nite, wednesday feb 21'st.


pic of our weekend bomb fire. indeed was some BTU's produced.


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was a fkn awesome event. good turnout. a lot of plans made.


gonna be a few changes in the works which you can read about here: 



thank you all for attending. it was great to have our new members and great to see all of you guys and gals again.


the event you all requested is in the works. for info on that event and the upcoming changes have a look at this link after logging in: 



cya all soon :cheer:


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