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2500 bucks 01 cab n chassi 2wd 114k

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Bringing it home for a friend i szw ut show up on hi44 in star yesterday


Needs alittle tls has the 47re converter us holding even tho fluids brown






Im guessing 410 rear.


2200 is about as high as i like to run these


Its an old state truck these beds run about 7000 new


Gona flush trans with tractor trans fluid then drop pan put old style filter on and top off with dex 3/4 maybe ford f fluid  and run it

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Well between all of use we should be able to get that truck its best. 47RE transmissions aren't that hard to deal with just time consuming. If it was built up correctly with a proper stall RPM that truck should haul a good load of dirt of gravel in that bed. Looks like early series of the 2nd Gen being the cruise light is amber colored where the later trucks turned to green.

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Ive never noticed different cruise lights. I think it's same color as my 02 though i am partially color blind 


He went and bought plus4 i told him i think it a waste to put in this tranny heck my tranny has never had plus 4 in it.


I was thinking if alittle tlc doesnt revive that i just might tear i to a build myself.


These trucks are often found for cheap with neglected 47res in them


I think id go one step lower stall then i did on my tranny if i did it again.


Chris did some machining on mine to fit more clutches.  If i could just put a rebuild kit together and have it work id be happy

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Mopar man im curious now. Ive never seen a green cruise light thati know of this trucks an 01 mines an 02.

Im not sure ive ever drove a 2500 maube they have green and 3500s are yellow 

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Weird. My cruise light is the same color as the odometer 2002 Dodge Ram.


Yes, you are required for the ATF+4 because of the friction modifier without ATF+4 friction it can damage the transmission. Now modified transmissions some builders allow for ATF+3 fluids because of different clutch materials used and band materials.

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Mopar. Not so.

Dex 3/4 ford f hydraulic fluid are all good to go 


The 727 is not picky. 

Nothing wrong with running slippery at 4 but theres nothing wrong with not running it. That debate is hashed out over years and years ever since at4 came out.


I probly got 60k on my 47re running hydraulic/transmission fluid. I swit hed because it was slipping very bad on atf4


You dont have to believe. 

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Flushed all 16qts plus some. Tranny is working veey good.


Was stumped for awhile. It took lots if throttle to movefrom a stop. Specially uo a incline.

I went to check tv cable adjustment and found the cable was broken


I zipp tied it and drives very good now.


I still need to adjust rear band and drop some red fluid back in for color then i do believe shes rd worthy



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