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Parking brake cable failure

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I pulled into Waremart in Ontario and did my typical parking. Then step on the parking brake and felt it pop and the pedal fell to the floor. I got out and found the cable lip for the middle cable to the final cable had snapped. Being quick to fix this problem I rolled over to NAPA in Ontario they have a universal clips set for whole $5 bucks. 


Part number 675-1549



Brake Cable Connector - Universal NOE 6751549


Needless to say, it was a job to fix. The salt has taken its toll on the old truck. The adjustment threads are all rusted. So I PB Blaster the threads and rocked the nut back and forth. Then attempting to tighten slightly. I grabbed an 8mm x 1.25 die and ran it up the entire length of the bolt right up against the nut. Then it only took a few turns on the wrench and the nut came off with my fingers. I re-ran the die the full length and clean the threads up. Now the U shaped clip above is what I used since the black one is actually too small. 





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Replacement cables can be purchased at NAPA or most any part store. I'm going to bet most of the damage is the rear pair of cables typically. 

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