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Redneck campground

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Finally after about 4 days of work to clean up my wood cutting area in the corner of the yard I've now got a redneck campground. Just a place to go hide from the world without even hitching up and going anywhere. Just got to go unlock the door and fire up some heat. I'll set up my solar panels and use those for recharging the batteries. I should have enough power to keep the inverter going for TV and a few light now and then. If I'm really needing WiFi I still can get a good signal from my shop if I fire up the old router down there. So for heat, I can grab a big buddy heater and 20# propane bottle to heat the RV without using my fan force furnace. I've got me a wintertime hideaway if I so choose.






The dark black smear you see is my ash pile I push out with my blade on the ATV. I've had a burn pile going for 5 days buring quite a bit of debris and trash. So I used the ash and dirt to fill in the low spots in the driveway. Nothing around here goes to waste everything is used again. 


@MUDDY Now you got to start building your hideaway campground too. Chop, chop my friend... 

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firepit and wood in place. need to finish the lean-to shelter and get the lpg kegorator in place


planting some trees. you got a bit of a jump on me there............


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