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Napa Fall Filter Sale for 2017

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Found out today that the NAPA fall filter sale (At least for Twin Falls) will be:

Oct 16 through Oct 21, 2017


Stock up!!

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    • By millco
      If you are ever searching for a filter, here are a couple of handy tools!!
      Wix makes great filters! Their site has come a long way and is very helpful in several ways:
      Wix Vehicle Filter Look Up - Shows just about every filter on a rig!
      Wix Home Page Filter Search - Type in any Filter Number for a Wix Cross Reference! - What I like about this is if you then click on the number it shows, a popup will show all the specs for that filter. Very handy when you are trying to find a different sized filter.
      And if you are trying to find the number for any brand of filter from just about any brand that you currently have the number of:
      Oil Filter Cross Reference
      These tools should get you on your way to finding the correct or better filter for whatever you are working on!!!
    • By Mopar1973Man
      Ok first of let me vent here a second... (You've been warned!)
      I got a phone call from a gent this evening upset at his truck because of hard starting and P1689 error code randomily coming. He admits he's got a Raptor fuel pump, Edge Juice and 100 HP injectors. That fine... But the admits he's selling it because he's tired of all the VP44 failures and problem.
      WHOA! Stop the train... This is where I'm getting really tired of people giving the VP44 a bad name now pay attention.
      Now I asked him of his source of fuel. His response is he's running red dye fuel from a farm tank because its free.
      Then ask him of the the fuel filter he's running. His response is a cheap wix/napa filter.
      So now whining about VP44 failures but he's feeding it dirty watered down fuel and using cheap filters and wonder why the VP44 are not lasting. VP44 injection pump are a great pump and work very very well only if you feed them right...

      Fuel lubricity of <450 HFRR (He admits in using 2 cycle oil )
      Fuel pressure of >14 PSI (Raptor pump and no lower than 16 PSI )
      Filters of <10 Microns
      Little to no water (We all know farm fuels get water from time to time from sitting in the weather )
      So what I'm finding out is people are abusing the pumps by cheating and then blame the pump for the poor quality of fuel and filters used. I'm really getting sick and tired of all the VP44 bashing...

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