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Cummins Made It's 2 Millionth Ram Engine

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Back in college (2009) We got in a new piece of equipment and it had a brand new 12V with a VE injection pump.........


Somehow, somewhere these iconic engines are still being produced!!  (South America?)

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place into an old enough rig and you are good if you stay out of that kally hell hole........ for idaho is that still 1980 and older or does that year model change as rtime proceeds?


law normally reads that for on road, the engine must be newer than the truck it is swapped into. emissions must be utilized for which is newer. ie, 09 12v would need a dpf in the states. when pulling commercial even with a 1980 W-350 with that new engine you might be ok in the 49 states but if placed into an 09 they would break out the mirror on a stick.


if you decide to do such a swap into a newer truck, please watch for those dam black suburbans............. modern day gestapo :fu2:


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