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My View Of Computers...

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Linux... All the way baby! 


"Outright dangerous unless very well trained", I laugh about that I've got so many PC people converted to Linux as they learn they learn the dangers right along slowly. It's true it can grow into the most reliable companion just consider the majority of all website like ITD here are running on Linux OS. Very true that it's unstoppable Linux doesn't have the shortcoming like windows where you get the blue screen of death or locked up computer that requires rebooting. "Few people have the ability to take care of it so don't expect any help." That is complete BS. There are millions of people all over the place that use Linux OS and web site all over the internet for support of all versions of Linux. Most common is Ubuntu and there are resources like Ubuntu Forum.


If you didn't know Linux and Android are the same family...


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im learning it. and im a tard. it will take a while i reckon.


thankfully i can visit my favorite eskimo midget albino porn sites with no worries :)


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