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2018 Chevrolet Equinox Diesel first drive: Ready for the long, if not heavy haul

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Diesel is a good way to go... Still diesel powered vehicles will haul more cargo and do it at a better price than gasoline. BTU content is much higher on diesel compared today ethanol gasoline which is really starting to lose its BTU's.




So all this BS about using biofuels being better is only for the sake of taxes. As you'll see all biofuels are lower in BTU content and require more fuel travel the same distance as the original petroleum product.


For example, E85 will require 1.5 gallons of fuel where straight unleaded gasoline will require 1 gallon. 


Now as for electric vehicles has any one bothered to see what it cost to charge and run an electric vehicle? Then what is the distance it will run per charge? They might brag about super high MPG numbers but there is a lot of limitations to that. Of course, these numbers are based on 150-pound driver, no cargo and reasonable high way speeds at 55-65 MPH. Last time I check the average weight of US people is up above 150 pounds and most people carry excessive amounts of cargo in the vehicle and then to top it all off speed excessively. So that nice high MPG number sunk to lower numbers and battery run time is greatly reduced from the stated average 11 miles.


Another wild fact about hybrid car. Did you know they are more toxic than any other vehicle? Yeap... The battery alone is the problem. Even in all my fire training they highly suggest to let the car burn completely do not put the fire out because of the batteries too toxic to left damaged. To replace the batteries they huge amount of toxic landfill.


As its illegal to sell a true Hybrid vehicle in the US because the states and feds wouldn't make any money on fuel taxes. So all hybrids here in the US have to be a majority gasoline power and reduce the ability of the battery power distance to keep dependence on fuel. Now over in other countries yes you can buy a true hybrid that is majority electric and travel greater distances.



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Not to mention the start stop cars they're making now is pretty hard on the bearings. Ain't no way an engine will last undreds of thousands when it has to refill the bearings Everytime you stop at a red light. 

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