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I bought a pathfinder : (

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Well my family is growing. I should have a new baby boy any day now.


I decided to sell my 01 F150 that I had for 12 years. It was tough to let it go but it was only a super cab and I couldnt fit 2 car seats in it. It had 150,000 miles on it and I got $6k. I think it was a fair price. The truck was nice for an 01.


I told a friend of mine about my dilemma and he offered to sell me his pathfinder. Its not a bad little car. It runs, drives, rides, looks, and stops like new. It has 160,000 miles and brand new bfg tires. I played $3,000. The only problem is its kinda small and I'm 6'2", also I don't really care for small cars. I'm hoping I can just drive it and not spend any money on it. I did tint the windows. Here are a couple pics.


The fleet  pnJdMkj.jpg

The pearl, soldWRz15dO.jpg


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So this last weekend I got bored. The wheels on the pathfinder look pretty crappy so I decided to try out that dupli color wheel paint. The colors are pretty limited. I settled on the graphite color and matte clear coat.


I only painted one side because I wasn't sure I was gonna like the color. I'm happy I did. I wasnt wanting a real shiny color but I absolutely hate black wheels. They turned out pretty good but they are too dark for my taste. Dupli color has a silver that I will try hopefully next weekend. 





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Looks like the paint lays down nice.  Almost looks like it has a green hue to it.  Niki and Jessica don't seem to mind the color. :bouncy

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Lol, that's why I love those girls. They cheer me on when I'm working in the garage. 


I'm pretty impressed with the paint. It really covers nice and looks good in the sun. I hope to do the silver color this weekend. Hopefully it turns out just as good as the graphite.

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I'm gonna try a stainless steel color this weekend.


That one pic is not 2 toned on the wheel. The paint is just all worn off the plastic center caps. Kinda the reason I decided to paint the wheels. I didn't figure I could find a color close enough to match the wheels to just do the center caps. 

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