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august 2017 idaho turbo diesels dinner meet, wed 8-16-17

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coming up on the 16th. idaho turbo diesels monthly dinner meet the 3rd wed of the month which is wed the 16th.


same place, the big meeting room at alejandras. :thumbup:



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Susi and Salena are wondering if you plan to change the meeting location again. They cannot make it tomorrow night, and I will try. Pain level has been much higher than usual.


Surgery appointments are moving forward, slowly, as in..."At the speed of Government", but at least the process is moving forward again.


Hope to be there tomorrow night.

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Nope. I will not make it the meeting tonight. Pain medications did not work, and I have not slept since Monday night. I will try to get some sleep now.


Sorry, but hopefully my back surgery will happen sooner, rather than later, and will reduce some of my pain. I would love to be active in the Club, and in my family's social life, too.


Let's see how September goes. Maybe I can make it to that meeting.

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