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Power Smoker

re-joined from Twin Falls

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Apparently I signed up here back in '08ish, under the name Power Smoker, and forgot about it. Is there any way to merge the two accounts? Anyway my name is Wayne Yates. I've lived several places in Idaho, and several other states, but moved back into the state to Twin Falls about 3 years ago. A guy here from Twin named Cody referred me here, so I figure I might give this forum a try again. I am a Power Stroke loyalist, but I can sure appreciate the other brands for what they are. I also run a small Power Stroke specialty shop in Twin Falls, called Stroke Works. I look forward to meeting you guys/girls on here, and hope to see some of you at local-ish events.

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I will definitely bring it by. I might even have you look it over. I have an odd idle issue that has been bothering me for a long time. I suspect a lazy injector but I'm not sure. Ill talk to you about it when I stop in.

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hi wayne. great to have you back on. looking fwd to all your postings. i will see what i can do on merging.




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