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Air Cooled Hemi...

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MUDDY    118



i believe i will pass on the hemi. sad occurance :(


i did not expect this.........


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Mopar1973Man    383

@Taz ex-wife happen to have a Hemi Dodge Durango it managed to pop a hole at the #7 cylinder when the connecting rod let go. So I know the problem is real... One of the few reasons I've given up on gasoline engines. Too many sensors, way more electronics, and life span are still short if you lucky you'll get even a Magnum Dodge engine to the mileage I've got now in my Cummins just about ready to flip over 310k miles and rolling.

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jamiesaun    7

For whatever reason, I've had a ton of hemis opened up. Mostly 5.7's but I've be done a couple 6.2? I think it is? Or 6.0 maybe? I also completely rebuilt one for a car lot that spent too much to cut it's losses. One of the few engines I've completely rebuilt. It had a failed rod bearing and was driven like that for good knows how long, but the crank was smoked. 


It's an okay engine, nothing special. Parts for it are super expensive for whatever reason. And it's heavy, really heavy. I bent a steel bar like a banana flipping one over on an engine stand. They tend to have a lot of valve train problems I've noticed. Particularly the lifters, and ya gotta pull the head to change em out. The variable displacement system is sweet when it works, but rare. I've only seen one of those compared to dozens of standard lifters.


By the way, diesels have an equal amount of electronics and sensors, if not more. But the comment on them lasting longer on average is simply undeniable. Lots of reasons for it that I won't get into hear but it's simply a fact. The engineering that has gone into these diesels over the last ten years is astonishing. Those engineers were given a seemingly impossible task of squeezing a thousand lb-ft with near zero emissions and twenty miles a gallon... and they came through in spades. We have some very smart people working here in America. I'm super proud of them.

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