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47rh upgrade decisions

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  First some background,

The truck is my 95/01 Ram.

 I have a 47rh I'll be upgrading in the near future and am trying to figure out a upgrade route. I've done a lot of research and recently talked to Mat at Ultimate Transmission.

 I'm not doing anything that would be considered normal in the diesel truck (grunt grunt) world and am only shooting for 650 ft lbs of torque at the flex plate.

 I pulled a gasser 47rh at Jalopy and am planning a valve body plate upgrade ( obviously since it is currently set up for the v10), upgraded pistons, apply lever, billet anchor, upgraded steel front and rear planetaries and wiring in a manual override for the lockup.

 I would eventually like to have a shifter on the column that has the same type of pattern as a console shifter, i.e forward and back motion instead of up and down.

 I don't have an exhaust brake in the truck yet as I plan on putting a HE351VGT ( not to be confused with the he351cw) on the truck ( which has the exhaust brake function built in).


So, my question is since I am not shooting for more than 650ft lbs, is a billet input necessary? Would a low stall torque converter (1,800 rpm) be worth the $1,000-1,400 price tag or would just a lock up switch be just as effective (my current torque converter has less than 20,000 miles on it)? Also, would a 1,800 rpm stall mean having to stand on the brake pedal at the stop light?

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You might want to talk to Dynamic transmission in Newman Lake, WA. Like my custom build 46RE has a extra clutch disc in both the direct and overdrive clutch pack. Then there is a spot where you drill the case inside for oil holes to keep the clutch pack cooled with oil. Then torque convert is based on different variables about fuel and turbo so too low or too high of a stall could impact performance. At least just call Jon and talk to him and get ideas.


Then as for the VGT turbo I've got a gent on my site that makes a custom controller for VGT turbos. You'll need to talk to Me78569.




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Thanks Mopar1973Man, but I'm going for a mechanical controller instead of a computer controlled one for the turbo. I like non computer controlled equipment on my truck. Otherwise, I'd be looking at putting a 64rfe transmission in my truck. haha.


I'll give Dynamic trans a call. Thanks!

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