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Tappet cover gasket servicing

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I'm going to refer to my VP44 post for the first part here.


So you should be to this point.



You need to remove the two 15mm bolts for the rear hoist ring.



Now you need to remove the two 10mm bolts holding the 3,5,6 injection rails.



Now there is a 8mm bolt holding the dipstick tube.



Now loosen the 3,5,6 injection line from the head.



Lift the lines from the engine.



Take the two 10mm bolts out holding the fuel filter housing. Then lay the fuel filter over out of the way. This might require removing the fuel lines if you still have hard lines yet.



Now remove the three 10mm bolts holding the ECM to the tappet cover.  Lay it over as well toward the fender.



Now you need to remove the 10mm bolt on the rear most holding the return line. Then there is three 16mm standoffs bolts you need to remove. Then three 10mm bolts.



You may need to lightly pry on the cover to break the seal loose from the block. Be careful not to drop or break the rubber seal into the engine while doing this. It should lift out. 




Now take some brake cleaner and a rag and wash down the tappet cover and clean the edge. I use a gasket tack for the edge. I had to quickly put the gasket on so it would tack it together to prevent it from slipping off. Make sure the large tab is in the front and the flat side of the tab is point outwards. 



Install. Make sure to put the right bolt in the right spots.



Just reverse the process to assemble.

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