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Bosch VP44 injection pump removal

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Here you go gang... How to remove the VP44 the quick and easy way. Takes approximately 45 minutes for me to do this much.


Remove the Mopar1973Man Crankcase vent (if applicable)



Using a 10mm socket remove the air horn bolts and dipstick bolt.



Using a 7/16 or 11mm loosen the top clamp of the boost boot.



Move everything out of your way.



Pack a shop rag in the intake to prevent stuff from falling in.



Using a 13mm socket loosen the 3 bolts holding the APPS sensor and unplug and move.



Now unplug the VP44 main connector and wire tap . This connector is a two step plug lock. Pull the release tab and wiggle the plug out then pull a bit more on the release and the plug should release fully.



Now using a 10mm loosen the 3 bolts holding the 1,2,4 injection rail in place. Using a 3/4" wrench loosen 1,2,4 injection lines.





Now remove 1,2,4 injection lines as a group.



Using a 3/4" wrench remove the overflow valve banjo and remove your supply line (may differ from mine being a big line kit)



Now remove the crankcase vent. Just unscrews normal right hand threads. Do not pry on the nipple. 



Now remove the pump shaft nut with a 1 1/16 inch socket. 





Using a 23mm socket roll the alternator towards the coolant bottle to bring the keyway on the pump gear to TDC position and then install your gear puller and pull the gear loose on the shaft. 



Now loosen the 3,5,6 lines but you do not have to remove. 



Now you want to loosen the 2 bolts on the rear bracket with a 13mm socket. 



Now remove the 4 nuts holding the pump to the gear case. 



Now careful kick the 3,5,6 lines out there nipples towards the block.



Now lightly pry the pump away from the case and remove. Check for the key in the shaft make sure its present.



This is what you should have after removal...


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Sweet thanks for sharing.  I can't afford this till end of the year so please no more talk on it. Lol I'm kidding

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