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Belt squeak

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@MUDDY heard the belt squeak on my truck. Rather annoying noise to listen to for long travel periods.


I finally did replace the belt and bought a Dayco belt from Autozone which comes with a 3-year warranty on the belt. Installed it and squeak is gone. The previous belt was a NAPA belt and barely few month old and the squeak came back. So I swapped belts for the least squeaky belt. No longer an issue now fixed. Now what I did learn you want to make sure all the pulleys are clean. This means no debris in the pulley grooves like old rubber chunks or paint. While the belt is off check all pulleys for good bearing operation. Also look at the tensioner for misalignment you'll be able to see this before you pull the belt off. If the belt isn't riding in the center most likely the tensioner is misaligned and needs replacement. 



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Only heard mine squeak when pulling a cummins with a trailer stuck in mud. 2wd 2 horses behind stuck truck. Slid over in ditch.  Turbo whistling throwing roost. This went on for 5 miles rd was frozen then thawed 2wd couldn't get out. 

Heard it when I gave up one time coming done to an idle she squeaked. Took horses out then made the climb. 

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