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january's dinner meet

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3rd wed of each month like always.

we have just celebrated our sites 10 year anniversary on dec 6th. coming up on celebrating our clubs 15th anniversary of existence. 2002 was when we started gathering as a group. 15 years of non-stop fun. :thumbup:

we will be discussing a lot of business as well as pleasure. if you desire to offer input on the website please attend and contribute. in addition it is time to discuss some upcoming events in the works.

the event will occur at the same place, 6:30 pm go inside. gather 6 pm in the lot. hopefully it will be warmer than last time so you wimps don't whine about going inside earlier :)



here is the link to the dinner meet thread, log in to view:


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Sounds good to me. I'm liking the food and service, (most of the time), at this place. Susi and Salena have agreed with me about going there just for dessert and coffee. I might try to do that before the next semester starts.

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excellent time. was missing a few due to the blizzard. still a great turnout. lot discussed. voted on trying a new place for the meet. also some upcoming events.


stay tuned for details of the new meeting place

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A new place already? I liked that place, and it was easy to find. LOL. Wish we could've made it, but with sick women in the house, and me forgetting it was meeting day, it just wasn't in the cards.

I'll see if I can find the post about the new place before I ask where the new place will be for February.

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