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PDF File Upload Issue Still Causing Problems

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This is the area I do not have permissions to do anything.


Rules as seen at the bottom-left corner of the page:

Posting Rules You may not post new threads

You may not post replies

You may not post attachments

You may edit your posts

BB code is On

Smilies are On

%7Boption%7D code is On

HTML code is Off


I would like to have the "How-To" documents in the appropriate "How-To" section, but will also try to upload them into another forum where I have permissions.

One of these days I will have the documents uploaded for use by the club membership.

I think I may have asked this at some point before, but just in case I have not...Since some of the threads were moved from one area to another, did my permission settings not get updated to reflect the move?

I'm between semesters now, and would like to see if I can get these items uploaded to one area.

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Mike fixed my lack of access to the "Download" section. If all members have permissions to download items from that section, I'll just concentrate on uploading my documents to that section, too. I have my documents in the "Ford" section, so they are available to everyone at this time.

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