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former idaho guy

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our friend cerber

guess he remembers. [even got a mention] long time since he joined us at an event. I still see alan get on Idaho turbodiesels occasionally

Thank You Alan Rittberger (aka cerberusiam) - Long Time TDR Moderator



Published on 02-02-2015 02:58 PM

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One of the perks of living in Georgia, specifically in the Atlanta area, is at least a yearly visit to the home of the TDR at Geno’s Garage in Cumming, Georgia. The Pattons, and the whole Geno’s crew, never fail to impress. My grandchildren always ask if we are going to the diesel shop when they come to visit. Robert's model car collection is a huge hit and would be all over the warehouse given the slightest chance. Robin never fails to provide cardboard for castles and old catalogs for the kids to point out what they want for next Christmas. Everyone out there in TDR land, a trip to Cumming and a chance to meet the people behind the TDR and Geno’s should be on your bucket list.

During my last visit a very nice young lady and asked if she could take my picture, my first thought was this is going to be expensive. (I need to leave before the iPad breaks and it is obviously my fault.) I can only hope when it goes to print the presses don't stop. MuddyMess where are you when I need a stand-in? I still think I can scare more children and small dogs than you. Just kidding Mudster, you are my GQ hero.

The TDR has been a part of my life for so long it hard to imagine what it was like BTDR (before Turbo Diesel Register). What did I do when I needed a new widget? Who did I talk to when the thingamajig fell off the VE fuel pump? I honestly don't remember. I’m not sure if that is what is called a senior moment or information glut. Could be either cuz I am considerably older and hopefully a whole lot wiser with the information TDR members have provided over the years. Piers Harry and others got me started down the diesel performance trail. Bob Coe and NascarMark showed us how to twist bolts off correctly when it came to BOMBing.

Those were the heady days of diesel performance - when a BBCOD was mandatory and a sign you had figured out the equation; when power for the sake of power was all that mattered and the only thing better than lots of power was MORE power. Mufflers were for gassers, we have a turbo. 'Nuff said! Stacks are all the rage today. Go 10-15 years back and didn't several people have those sticking out the hood? I never could figure out why that didn't catch on. Do we need a 500 hp tow rig? Of course not. Do we want one? Every hand in the room goes up with a resounding YES! Why? Because we could.

Back then there was the guy who stated that the VE engines were never going to safely make over 300 hp. Wonder how that ever came out. LOL!

When one was tired of learning, it was entertainment time. No shortage of that, who can forget the transmissions wars? Sleddy and JetPilot upholding their respective pursuits. As Robin is so fond of saying, everyone loves a train wreck and the goal is to minimize the collateral damage. Knowledge AND entertainment all for a low, low, price. What more could we ever need?

I could not have found a BETTER use (waste according to some but what do they know, they probably drive one of the OTHER brands) of my time than the TDR. Big thanks to all of the TDR members who have kept me off the streets and out of the bars which, coincidently, is where my user name came from (cerberusiam). Think Cerberus I Am. Cerberus is the two-headed dog guarding the entrance to Hades. He is one BAD dog. Off my chain and over the fence, I was in the dog house as a bad dog too many times to contemplate. You could say the TDR saved me from myself!

Ask my wife, she would tell. On second thought, don't ask. The stories are liable to end up on Facebook or YouTube like everything else.

Alan Rittberger

aka Cereberusiam

Edited by MUDDY

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